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GroupTrack Helps You Manage Your Organic Outreach With The Click Of A Button
Manage leads, engage customers, send follow ups and so much more
A ready-to-use solution for managing your business through social media!
"If you have any type of business and are on Facebook, you need this app! Fastest way to build a relationship with your ideal client!" 
Diane S.
"GroupTrack is incredibly intuitive and allows me to streamline my time. I am no longer toggling between platforms." 
Heather M.
"Your clients will love the personal touch when you remember little things about them to follow up with. And you don't even have to leave FB to do it! Mind blowing" 
Robin L.
"Just everything you need to keep track of all my customers and prospects in one spot. They're continually making it better!!" 
Sonya F.

Get the Ultimate Solution to
Organize Track
Your Community's Activity


  • Get a proven social selling strategy & system for finding new clients organically 
  • ​Manage the wild west of social media 
  • ​​​Automate repetitive tasks safely
  • ​Scale your operations without growing your team
  • ​Human-To-Human for more than just sales people
  • ​Uncover hidden opportunities in your audience



  • Automatically sync notes, tags, contact details  & more!
  • ​Integrates with your favorite auto-responders like MailChimp, GoHighLevel & ActiveCampaign.
  • ​Start emailing your prospects immediately!

Process Flow

  • Use our fully customizable Stage Tracking system follow your contacts through your Sales Pipeline!
  • ​Keep your Team on the same page.
  • Accessible directly from Facebook™ and Instagram™*!

Capture Everything

  • Approve Group Members and automatically tag them based on their answers.
  • ​Track Contacts across multiple Pipelines in one place.
  • ​See all changes & updates made by anyone on your Team.

Built-in Follow Up

  • Create Tasks to remind you to keep in touch.
  • ​Send Messages in bulk without risking your account.
  • ​Respond to Post Comments automatically while tagging and tracking each commenter.

Use It Anywhere

  • Access CRM details from anywhere within Facebook™ or Instagram™  via our Chrome Extension
  • Use our stand-alone web app to work with your contacts on the go!
  • All data is synced in real time

Works with Teams

  • Keep your team in the loop with a streamlined, real-time communication system that syncs data and information from all sources so that your team is in sync  
  • ​Invite your Group Admins, VA's or Setters to your team account and enjoy granular security and realtime data sync
  • ​Team accountable - CEOs know who did what AND each team member knows exactly the process to take with each contact
  • ​Create a system where each team member is assigned a certain number of leads and make sure that no lead falls through the cracks
  • ​Have your team members queue up messages to send on your behalf
  • ​Team members get full access to all the power features in GroupTrack CRM...at no extra cost!!

Message Templates

  •  Send messages via Facebook™ Messenger or Instagram™ Direct Message 
  • ​Create message templates for commonly ​sent messages without recreating every time
  • ​Create dynamic, randomized verbiage for each message template so that you stay human and stay out of Facebook jail
  • Easily start and nurture conversations that lead to meaningful engagement and sales
  • ​See full history of all messages sent by you or your team in one view
  • ​Bulk messaging....queue up the messages so they send over time in the background...while you tackle the bigger parts of your business 

Save Group Request Answers

  • ​Never lose member request information again!
  • ​Approve pending members, capture their answers, extract email addresses provided by users and add them to your CRM with a single click!
  • Provide a personalized customer experience by automatically tag contacts based on specific keywords or phrases in their answers so that you can speak directly to your customers pain points and opportunities
  • ​Use contacts request information to start meaningful conversations that convert

Why We're Different

Social Selling Strategy

A proven strategy and system for finding and signing up new clients via organic social media. Includes four pre made pipelines that are known to  help you convert your leads that you found anywhere on social!

Built For Teams

GroupTrack CRM is the perfect tool for teams who want to work together more efficiently. With GroupTrack CRM, you can distribute the work among team members, track progress, and accelerate your growth. GroupTrack CRM makes it easy to stay organized and get work

Advanced Features

Automatically queue messages to optimize your outreach efforts. Bulk tagging contacts to alert them when you post something that is relevant to them. See who's engaging on your posts and have a system for follow up with that contact. And much, much more!


Find and sign up new clients from both Facebook™ and Instagram™, while managing all your contacts and relationships in Social CRM.

Integrations With Your Favorite Tools

Take your marketing campaigns to the next level. Sync your leads and contacts with your favorite CRM tools for advanced multi-touch follow-up campaigns via email, SMS, and more. Leverage the power of automation in your favorite CRM tool. Have multiple touchpoints with all contacts to drive engagement across your ecosystem and increase the likelihood that your contacts with ACTUALLY see your stuff.

Targeted Lead Generation

Automatically searches for and adds all members in a Facebook Group that match your target customer criteria. So whether you're looking to expand your reach or simply build a more targeted audience, GroupTrack CRM is the perfect solution

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4 Partner Options. 4 Easy Steps.

  • Are you a coach who teaches a unique strategy for finding clients online and are looking for a solution that your team can use internally, as well as a simple solution your clients can use to do the same?! 
  • ​Are you someone who knows GroupTrack is the best tool on the market and see the opportunities to share it with your network?!  
  • ​Buy GroupTrack “seats” upfront at a discounted rate that you can resell to your clients. 
  • ​ Use affiliate accounts to share the tool with your audience

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Frequently Asked Questions

Account FAQs

How do I manage my account?
After you get signed up, you can access your billing account via our web app's Profile & Settings page by clicking ""Manage Plan". This will bring you to your self-service billing portal where you can make changes to your plan or payment information.
Is there a free plan or trial?
We currently offer a 12-day free trial on our Basic Plan. If you cancel within the trial period you will not be charged at all for your subscription.

Security FAQs

Is my data secure?
Yes. Your data is encrypted both in transit and at rest on GroupTrack CRM's servers. Only you and team members you specify are able to access data about your CRM contacts.
Does this violate other websites' terms of service?
No. GroupTrack CRM integrates with other systems in accordance with their terms of service. Specifically, through our verified status as a Tech Provider with Facebook™, you are entitled to share data with us that you have permission to access. We do not scrape data or otherwise obtain data without your manual initiation and on a per-Contact or per-Group basis. 

Billing FAQs

How do you handle cancellations?
Per our terms, if you cancel your account will remain active through the end of the currently paid period, and which point it will not renew.
What if my credit card expires?
Your account will become "past due" and you will receive email reminders alerting you to this status and asking you to update your payment method on file. Our system will attempt to charge you 4 times, at which point your account will become "unpaid". If you resolve your payment issue before the 4th try, your account will go back to an active state. If you become "unpaid", you will need to contact support to get reactivated.

Support FAQs

Where can I find support for GroupTrack?
We offer free Live support in our Facebook Group on a weekly basis in addition to other content and Units there. You will also receive a link to a free training course after signing up.
Where can I find GroupTrack help articles?
I have a Feature Request or Suggestion.
We love user feedback, which directly affects our roadmap and feature planning. If you would like to see a feature added to GroupTrack, please submit it here!

GroupTrack CRM has no affiliation with any social networking websites, including Facebook™. All copyrights belong to their respective owners. No official endorsements or sponsorships of GroupTrackCRM.com or the GroupTrack Chrome Extension are expressed or implied. The content of the Chrome Extension is not provided or reviewed by any social networking website provider.